Through our process of transfer digital printing, we are able to assist in branding & positioning by printing your patterns or photographed images on fabrics from the IWW Basecloth Printing Book.


The IWW Basecloth Printing Book encompasses selected fabrics, ranging from sheers to blackouts, which designers can choose from for printing over drapery. Our basecloths, as wide as 118", make it possible to create large seamless patterns.


IWW also offers our exclusive Artist Series collection, a custom digital print drapery collection. 




 At Interior Woven Works, we cater to our clients by covering each step of the custom drapery process, from assisting in fabric selection to fabrication through installation. We also provide fabrication & installation services with COM.

IWW's extensive collection of poly double wide sheers range from simple classics to highly stylized and are suitable for the hospitality & commercial industries for both their fire retardancy and stain resistance.